About Us

The vision of our founding leadership was simple:

Improve the officiating of Little League baseball and softball across Maryland and Washington DC.

For more than 20 years, the success of our Association can be seen in the extraordinary number MSUA volunteer Umpires selected for Little League International World Series and Regional Tournaments across all levels of both baseball and softball.

MSUA Umpires routinely answer the call of duty for District, Sectional and State Baseball and Softball tournaments. We are extremely proud of our Umpires, all whom shared their dedication and commitment to Little League Baseball and Softball across the State of Maryland, the Little League East Region and wherever we are called upon; consistent with the MSUA Charter.

Meet the Board

  1. President
    Joe Smith
    Joe Smith is a dedicated volunteer giving his time to LL for the past 30 years. He has been assigned to four regional and three World Series including 2016 when he was selected for the LLWS in Williamsport, PA. He is the District 5 UIC & MD state UIC.
  2. Communications
    Jim Gill
    Jim has been volunteering with LL for over 10 years. He has served in many capacities, but his favorite is volunteer umpire. In 2016 he was selected and attended the Senior Girls Softball East Regional in Worcester, MA and in 2017 he was selected for the Senior Softball World Series held in Lower Sussex, DE.
  3. Membership
    Ralph Gough Sr.
    Ralph has been active in the local league as well as the district for over 39 years with 33 of them as an umpire. He for the Jr. Baseball World Series in Taylor MI. and the 2007 Jr. Softball World Series in Kirkland WA. Ralph currently serves as District 7 UIC and ADA.
  4. Vice President
    Anthony (Tony) Russo
    Vice President
    Tony has been an volunteer Little League Umpire for 32 years; Hawaii District 2 and Maryland Districts 4 and 2. He has been selected for multiple Regionals (the only US umpire to umpire in a Japan LL regional) and selected for 2 World Series; JLWS 2011 and LLIWS 2014.
  5. Treasurer
    Brian Longest
    Brian has been a volunteer umpire for more than 10 years. He has been to multiple Little League Schools and the Junior Baseball Regional. He lives in Frederick County Maryland and is a District 2 umpire.
  6. At Large
    Milton Pitt
    At Large
    Milton has been umpiring for many years. In 2016, he was selected to umpire at the East Regional Little League Tournament in Bristol Connecticut. He is the UIC of D3.
  7. At Large
    Dave Fisher
    At Large
    Dave is the UIC for D6
  8. At Large
    Leo Eirsman
    At Large
    Leo is from D8
  9. At Large
    Jim Robinson
    At Large
    Jim Comes to us from D8