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Maryland State Umpires Association - MSUA

The Maryland State Umpire Association (MSUA) is a representation of volunteer Umpires committed and dedicated to officiating Little League baseball and softball games/activities across the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia; MSUA is endorsed by both Little League International and the Little League East Region. 

The vision of our founding leadership was simple, to improve the officiating of Little League baseball and softball across our State and Washington DC.  For more than 20 years, the success of our Association can be seen in the extraordinary number MSUA volunteer Umpires selected for  Little League International World Series and Regional Tournament Championship; across all levels in both baseball and softball. 

Join us in becoming a MSUA Umpire today!

MSUA Umpires routinely answer the call of duty for District, Sectional and State Baseball and Softball tournaments. We are extremely proud of our Umpires, all whom shared their dedication and commitment to Little League Baseball and Softball across the State of Maryland, the Little League East Region and wherever we are called upon; consistent with the MSUA Charter.


Our Charter:

The Maryland Statue Umpires Association (MSUA) is a non-profit Organization affiliated with Little League International and the Eastern Region Baseball and Softball programs.

The goals of MSUA are to:

  • Formally document MSUA Members Post Season Little League International Post Season Tournament Experience; value-added service for League Officials seeking high quality, experience Umpires for State Level Tournaments
  • Represent all MSUA Members at the highest levels of Little League Baseball and Softball leadership
  • Develop, improve, and perpetuate the highest standards of baseball and softball officiating
  • Promote basic and advanced Umpire training, education opportunities and constructive performance evaluations
  • Promote and encourage the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship
  • Improve and standardize the techniques and procedures used by Little League entrusted officials
  • Develop and maintain professional and cooperative relationships between Umpires, Coaches and League Administration Officers across Maryland and the Little League East Region
  • Provide all Maryland and District of Columbia (DC) Districts with the best qualified baseball and softball Umpires at all levels as well as for regular season and championship play
  • Ensure that each District and it's Leagues are committed to consistently following Little League International's ASAP safety program.

Maryland State Umpires Association (MSUA)
C/O Ralph Gough
21041 Gelrud Court
Lexington Park, MD 20653